Transplant A Young Maple Tree

If a young maple tree is blocking the edge of your driveway, learn how to transplant it with the following steps. Once the tree has been removed, you will be able to enter and exit your property's driveway with ease. If the tree receives sufficient water and sunlight in its new location, it will thrive and add beneficial shade to your property once it grows larger.


  • large shovel
  • blanket or vinyl tarp
  • measuring tape
  • water hose
  • mulch
  • rope
  • scissors
  • top soil
  • rake
  • grass seed

Remove The Tree From Its Current Location

Use a large shovel to loosen dirt that surrounds the tree. Dig carefully so that you do not accidentally damage any of the tree's roots. Take your time and wiggle the tree's trunk after removing several shovelfuls of dirt to determine if it is loose enough for you to pull the tree from the ground. Hold the tree's trunk firmly with two hands and lift upwards. Place the tree on a blanket or vinyl tarp.

Replant The Tree

Select a level area on your property that receives plenty of sunlight. Measure the diameter and height of the tree's root ball. Dig a hole that is slightly wider and deeper. Carefully insert the tree in the hole. Cover the roots with plenty of dirt. When finished, pack the dirt down firmly with the back of a large shovel. Add water to the base of the tree with a water hose. Place a thin layer of mulch around the tree's trunk to help the soil retain the water that was added.

If there are any sturdy structures located near the tree, tie the ends of a couple pieces of rope around them and the opposite ends of each piece to the tree. By completing this step, you will be helping the tree remain upright until the roots take hold in the new location. 

Fill In Gaps Where The Tree Originally Was And Plant Grass Seed

If there are any gaps where the tree originally was located, fill them in with soil. Smooth out the soil with the back of a shovel until it is level with the property that surrounds it. If grass is growing next to the empty section, rake the dirt's surface to create small indentations. Sprinkle grass seed liberally throughout the marks. Water the grass seed. Within a few weeks, new grass will be growing near the edge of the driveway, giving your property a uniform appearance. Water the maple tree a few times each week until it begins thriving in its new location. Visit for more information.