3 Ways To Make Practical Use Of Your Tree Trimmings And Keep Them Out Of The Landfill

If you want to have healthy trees, trimming them regularly is important. This can also leave you with a lot of waste, which goes to the landfill and takes up space. You may have to even leave waste at the curb on certain days or, in some places the garden waste may not even get picked up. To keep the environment clean, you may want to consider alternatives to leaving waste at the curb:

1. Take Large Branches And Turn Them Into Lumber

As a tree gets older, there may be branches that outgrow the space available or large branches can become damaged. This often means that they have to be trimmed to prevent harm to the tree. If you have large branches that have to be removed, the material can be a great source of material for woodworking projects. Some trees like pecan, walnut, cherry and some species of oak, can also be very valuable, so you can sell the materials if you do not really do woodwork yourself. 

2. Use Your Leafy Garden Debris As A Source Of Nutrient-Rich Compost

There may also be a lot of leafy garden waste that you need to deal with. This can be grass clippings and trimmings from trees and plants. This material can be a great additive to the compost pile, which will give your more nutrient-rich garden soil. To break this material down, you can use equipment like lawn mowers and leaf blowers. You can also rent or buy a wood chipper to break down the materials, which can also be useful if you have forested land around your property.

3. Create Ground Cover With Cleaned Tree Trimmings

Ground cover can also be a good material that can be made out of your tree trimmings. The large branches can be cleaned up and mulched with a chipper to use as covering. If you have stumps in your yard, a stump grinding service can remove them and you can use the ground cover to blend the areas in and make decorative flowerbeds out of the areas where a tree once stood.

These are some tips that will help you make use of your tree trimmings and not have to worry about putting them out at the curb or hauling them off. If you need help with caring for your trees, contact a tree service like West Coast Tree Service to help you with trimming the branches to ensure healthy growth.