Want To Get Your Trees Trimmed? Hold Off Until Summer Comes To An End

Part of maintaining your home involves taking care of the landscape, especially the trees. Letting a tree go too long without any maintenance can have dire effects on its long-term health, which you definitely want to avoid when you have a mature and attractive tree that is adding value to your property. But, when it comes to trimming, you may want to wait until summer is over before you get started.

Keep Your House at a Cool Temperature

Summer is the warmest time of the year, so it makes sense to increase your air conditioning usage. However, you should not rely on this machine as your only source of keeping the house cool. It is helpful when you can take advantage of natural methods such as letting your trees provide a great deal of shade. If you were to trim your trees before summer, you would not have full canopies to provide shade.

The thing that you do not want to do is let tree branches become a danger to people or your home. If they are extending over your house and onto your roof, it is time to remove at least these branches.

Enjoy Shade in the Front and Back Yard

Not only can trees provide shade to your house, which help you keep the utility bill down, but they can supply shade to the front and back yard. Summer is the perfect time to grill and spend quality time outside with family and friends, but it can get a little hot when you have the sun beating down on you for hours.

In fact, being in direct sunlight can increase the temperature anywhere between 10 and 15 degrees—an increase that can be entirely avoided with shade provided by your trees.

Reduce the Need to Water as Much

When you let your tree branches stay nice and full throughout summertime, you will not have to water the landscape as much. The shade that you get from your trees will slow down water evaporation. Whether you get rainfall, use an irrigation system, or water the plants with a hose, being able to slow down the process of evaporation will save you money on your water bill. The larger a tree's canopy, the more you will benefit from not trimming as you could slow down evaporation in your whole yard.

Trimming your trees is a smart thing to do, but it is even smarter to pick a strategic time for this service. Contact a local tree trimming service to have your tree evaluated. If it can last the summer, let it grow for now and trim it back later.