Important Reasons To Hire Professional Tree Pruners

Have you recently purchased a new home? Did the home come with several trees and shrubs that are looking overgrown and neglected? Now that the house is yours, you undoubtedly want to make your landscaping outside look beautiful. But while you may be itching to try to whip it back into shape yourself, here are some reasons why you should hire a tree pruning company, at least for this first spring:

Knowing how to prune: If your trees are extremely overgrown, tree pruning can be dangerous. As tree limbs try to crowd one another out, it becomes more and more difficult to accurately predict where the pruned limbs will fall. If you've never pruned a tree before, you could find yourself inadvertently standing exactly beneath where a large limb is going to fall. If you climb up into the tree to do pruning, you will need special equipment and supports in order to avoid injury. A very large limb could catch on another branch below, turning the entire freed limb into a giant lever. While one end goes down, the other may fly back up and push you out of the tree. When you hire a pruning service, you don't have to worry about any of this. Not only will they be experienced enough to know where to be so that they aren't injured, they'll have the safety equipment necessary so that the freed tree limbs won't crash down on your house or your vehicle.

Knowing what to prune: Trees can become infested with a number of various insects, bacteria and fungi. Under normal circumstances, these may do little to harm a healthy tree. However, you probably don't want a diseased and weakened limb crashing down on your home during a severe storm. A tree pruning service will know how to identify tree diseases that are common in your area and will be able to remove the affected limbs. Even though a limb may look healthy to you, it may still need to be removed in order to stop the issue from spreading. They will also be able to advise you on how to prevent the problem from recurring, such as using a specific insecticide, fungicide or even fertilizer to make your tree stronger and more resistant to disease. 

Knowing where to prune: With some types of trees, the maximum that they can be pruned in any one year is a removal of one third of their branches. With others, you can remove half of their new growth and they'll still do fine. And a few trees should be aggressively pruned so that they hardly look alive at all. If you've never owned any trees before, knowing which is which can be extremely difficult. Even if you know that the tree in your yard should be pruned in a certain way, you may still have problems deciding exactly which portion of branches should be removed. A good tree pruning service will know exactly how and where to prune your tree in order to maximize its health. Instead of wondering whether you've accidentally killed your tree or that you may have made it ugly for years to come, you'll be secure in the knowledge that the tree service pruned your tree in the best manner possible. 

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