Have A Lot Of Overgrown Trees In Your Yard? 3 Tree Trimming Tips You Should Know

If you have a lot of trees on your property that are overgrown, you should call a tree trimming company to trim them. This is especially true if any of these trees are close to your home. The tree branches can fall off when they get really heavy. If you would like to trim the trees yourself to save money, below are three tree trimming tips you should know so you can keep your trees healthy.

Trim Crowns Carefully

If you trim the trees quickly and in the wrong way, they will look like an uneven mess. You want the branches to be evenly spread. The last thing you want is to have trees that are skinny at the bottom with largely spread crowns sitting on top of them. Start at the bottom of your tree and move your way up paying very careful attention of where you are cutting.

Trim Trees in the Dormant Phase

You should wait until it is late fall to trim your trees, because they will be in the dormant phase. This makes it much easier to trim them, as most of the leaves have fallen off.  This also allows you to see branches you do not need to trim much easier. For example, you do not want to trim healthy branches that do not extend out far enough.

If you have trees that are still full of leaves, then those trees are not in the dormant stage. If you do trim the trees during their active growing season, the sap will drain out of the trees as you cut the branches, which will cause tree damage.

Prevent Damage If You Have to Trim

In some cases, the branches will extend enough that they will have to be removed during the growing season. For example, the branches may extend out far enough that they are laying over your home or other structure.  Trim these branches as soon as you notice that they are extending. This will make it much easier for you if you only have to cut away shorter branches.

Trimming trees is a difficult job, especially if you do not have the proper knowledge. Following the tips above will allow you to keep your trees looking beautiful and healthy. This will also help them to live a very long life.  As this job can also be dangerous, ask a friend or two to help you trim your trees. You can also reach out to a company like Northern Virginia Tree Experts, Inc. for more help.