3 Methods For Removing Your Tree Stump

If you have a stump in your yard that you would like to have removed, then there are several different methods that you can try that are effective for removing it. This article will discuss 3 of these methods. 

Digging and Pulling Out The Stump

The old-fashioned and effective way of getting rid of your tree stump is going to be to dig around it and then pull it out. When you are digging around your tree stump, you are going to want to dig around the entire perimeter and expose all of the roots. This loosens up the stump, and will make it much easier to pull from the ground. The next step is going to be to cut away all of the roots and pull them from the ground. Finally, you will want to remove the stump itself using a shovel to pry it up from the ground. It should come away from the ground fairly easily since all of it's roots have already been cut away. 

Power Stump Grinder

If you want to quickly get rid of the stump, then a great method is to rent a power stump grinder. This is a large machine with a grinder wheel that uses it's weight to roll over and grind away your tree stump. However, before you use the grinder, you are going to need to prepare your tree stump. You will want to use a chain saw to cut the stump down as low as possible, and remove any rocks or other debris that may be around the stump. You will use the grinder until you have ground the stump below the ground where it is no longer visible. 

Using A Can Of Stump Remover

If you don't want to do a lot of manual labor in your stump removal, then there is another method that you can try that involves next to no manual labor. This method involves using a can of stump remover to break down the stump. This stump remover is made up of powdered potassium nitrate that is used to break down the stump at a faster rate. To effectively get this material into the stump, you are going to want to use a long drill to drill holes deep into your stump, and then pour it inside. This allows the material to get deep into the stump and effectively break it down. However, you will need to realize that it is going to take 4-6 weeks to break down the stump enough for you to be able to easily remove it entirely from the ground. If you don't feel comfortable removing that stump on your own, contact a business such as St Pete & Pinellas Tree Service.