How to Burn a Tree Stump

If you have a tree stump that you need to get rid of, one way that you can get rid of it is by burning it. Here are step-by-step instructions that you can follow in order to effectively burn an entire tree stump all at once.

Drill a Hole into the Center of the Stump

The first thing you need to do is take a drill with either a spade bit or a different wood-boring bit; the bit should be on the larger side. You are also going to need an extender for the bit.

Take the drill and attach the extender and the spade bit. Then, position the drill over the center of the stump and drill a hole into the stump at an angle. The hole should be just about as long as the extender that you used. Clean out any debris or sawdust that accumulated in the hole.

Drill Additional Holes into the Stump

Second, take the drill and continue to make holes in the stump. You are going to want to leave a little space in between each hole, as you don't want the holes to overlap. You want the entire top of the stump to be covered in deep holes that you have cleared of sawdust.

Add Potassium Nitrate

Take either potassium nitrate or saltpeter and use either a trowel or a scope to pour some potassium nitrate down each hole. You do not want to fill the hole up; just add a little to each hole.

Add Hot Water

Take some boiling hot water and pour some into each hole. You may want to use a funnel to assist you with the pouring process. The hot water will help dissolve the potassium nitrate and spread it throughout the stump.

Add Additional Wood

You are going to need to add some additional wood to the stump. Use some wood to create a tepee-like shape over the stump by putting one side of the wood on the ground and angling it so that the top goes over the stump and touches with other pieces of wood put around the edge of the stump. The additional scrap wood should form a cone or tepee-like shape.

Light the Fire

Take a match and light the scrap wood on fire. All of the scrap wood should then catch the stump on fire, and the potassium nitrate that you put into the drilled holes in the stump should help the stump catch fire and burn. Let the stump burn all the way to the ground until it has turned into a pile of ashes. 

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