Found The Perfect Garden Spot? 3 Reasons To Consider Removing A Nearby Tree

When you want to transform your landscape into something beautiful, you can work with the sun and shade levels in the front and backyard to decide on what plants to grow. You may also want to look at watering to decide whether you want to rely on rain or an irrigation system.

But, when you find a spot in your yard that you know will create the perfect garden, you may be willing to make adjustments to the rest of the landscape to avoid any problems. This is when you should consider a few reasons for removing a tree near where you want to have a garden.

1. Continual Growth

If you have noticed that a tree has been continuously growing, you may be worried about whether it will end up growing into the gardening space. This can become a major issue if you want to put a fence around the garden to protect your plantings from wild animals. You do not want the fence or the plants to become damaged from a tree's constant growth.

Excessive Shade

When you want to grow plants that demand a lot of sunlight, you may not have much success if the garden is covered by tree branches. Even if you trim the tree branches back to the farthest they can go without causing harm, it may not be enough to provide the sunlight you will need.

In the situation that you can trim back the trees to provide healthy garden growth, you would constantly have to keep up with tree trimming service throughout the year. This will add up in costs over time, but you can enjoy a permanent solution in removing the tree completely.

3. Problematic Roots

A nearby tree may end up causing issues from invasive or shallow roots. The roots may spread all around the garden and prevent your new plants from getting the space and water they need. Although you can try to grow plants that do well around tree roots, you may not be able to keep them healthy if the roots continue to expand because they will be stronger than new plants.

Whether you want to grow a flower, herb, or vegetable garden in your backyard, you should consider all the ways that you can maximize the chances of successful growth. Removing a tree that may cause immediate or long-term problems is a smart choice because it will allow you to focus on growing the plants and keeping them healthy. To learn more, contact a tree removal company near you!