How To Get a Tree To Fall in the Direction You Want it To Go

Most homeowners do not realize that falling trees tend to fall wherever they like. You cannot simply cut a tree down and hope it falls in the direction you want it to go. To control the direction of a fall, you have to give the tree a lot of help and guidance. Here is what that looks like when a tree services specialist cuts down a tree.

Looking at the Direction That the Tree Leans Naturally

No tree is straight up and down. If you were to look at a tree from the air, it leans a specific direction, even if only slightly. If you cut down the tree, the tree will fall to the angle in which it leans. That is not always the best direction for the tree to fall, since it sometimes means that the tree will fall on a house or other structure. So the tree service technician has to use tools of the trade to prevent the tree from falling that way.

Lopping the Top

One way to get a tree to fall in a direction other than the direction towards which it leans is to cut the top of the tree off. A top-heavy tree, regardless of how you brace or pull it, will still try to fall in its own natural direction because of the weight of the top of the tree. Once the top is removed, it does not take much more to get the remaining part of the tree to fall a different direction.

Tying It Down

If you ever watched an old cartoon where the main character pulls the top of a tree over and down to the ground, and then ties it down before sitting on that part of the tree, cutting the rope, and hoping to be catapulted into the air, then you know what this tree-cutting approach looks like. Though the physics for using a tree like a catapult to send a person into the air and over a wall do not work, bending and tying the top of the tree toward the ground does work for tree cutting.

The taut rope pulls the top of the tree in the direction you want the tree to fall. Then cuts are made into the trunk of the tree so that, when the tree is nearly cut in half, the tree responds to the tightness of the rope pulling on its head and starts to fall or lean that way. Just as the tree is nearly cut all the way through, the pressure of being pulled in one direction takes over, and the tree topples in the direction of the rope. 

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