3 Tips For Caring For Your Trees

The trees on your property can experience significant health problems if they are not properly maintained. However, homeowners will often fail to effectively care for their trees due to overlooking some important considerations. Whether you are looking to add new trees to your property or care for your existing ones, there are three considerations that you may want to review.

1. Limit Any Tree Additions To Species That Are From Your Area

Whenever you are looking at adding more trees to your property, you should avoid choosing species that are not native to your area. These plants may be able to grow in your yard, but they will require significantly more work to keep them healthy. Furthermore, they may fail to reach their true potential due to subtle differences in the soil and climate. By limiting your options for trees to ones that are native to your area, you should be in a far better position to avoid issues that could compromise the health and appearance of your new tree.

2. Prevent Tunneling Animals From Damaging Your Trees

There are a variety of animals that tunnel under the ground. While gophers and moles are among the more well-known, there are many other animals that can dig burrows that may harm your tree. For example, raccoons, rabbits, and other small mammals will often dig these holes for shelter. While this may not seem like it will be a major problem, these animals will damage the roots of your trees, which will severely impact their ability to absorb nutrients and water. Unfortunately, these pests can be extremely difficult to combat as their burrows can be very difficult to see. For the best results, you should hire a professional to treat the area with animal repellents to help prevent these animals from targeting your property.

3. Avoid Pruning During The Summer Months

Pruning your trees can be an important type of care. During this maintenance, dead or diseased branches will be removed. Furthermore, some people will use this technique to help encourage the leaves of the tree to grow much thicker. While this is a common type of tree care, some people make the mistake of having it done during the summer months. This can cause unnecessary stress on the tree as it will have to divert much of its energy to healing from the pruning rather than storing nutrients for the winter. Rather, it can be safer to perform this work during the late fall or winter when the tree has already entered its dormant stage.

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