Own A Vacation Rental? Install An Irrigation System To Maximize Income Potential

When you are the owner of a vacation rental property, you will have a different way of generating income compared to those who own and manage a rental in which they try to get tenants to sign one-year leases. If you have a busy vacation rental, you may have dozens of visitors every year.

This means that you will want to make an excellent impression on all of them. Since these visitors will visit all throughout the year and at different times, you need to make sure the vacation rental always looks amazing. Adding an irrigation system will help you maximize your income potential.

Water Usage

Without an irrigation system, you need to rely on manual watering to keep the plants healthy. If you show up to water the plants on your own, you will likely water the plants too much on occasion, which leads to excessive water usage. When attempting to water your landscape in a short time frame, you may have water puddling up in areas and getting evaporated.

When the water evaporates before getting absorbed by the plants, you will have to water them more. An irrigation system will solve this problem by providing water to your landscape at a slow enough rate that all your plants can absorb the water before it disappears into thin air.


Although you may be able to keep your plants healthy through manual watering, you will appreciate how beautiful the landscape can look when you have an irrigation system. Unless you make watering the landscape your highest priority, you may miss watering on some days or not be able to show up at an ideal time so that the plants can absorb the water properly.

An irrigation system is beneficial because you can have professionals set up every sprinkler and dripper to provide the right amount of water for every plant in your yard. Also, when the seasons change, you can get help to adjust the watering and keep the plants looking beautiful.


While you may not mind showing up to the vacation rental to handle watering every day or every other day, you can give all your guests extra privacy by using an irrigation system instead. All you need to do is let them know when the system will turn on and they can stay out of the way. An even better option is having the system active in the night when your guests are sleeping.

Installing an irrigation system will help you maximize income potential for your vacation rental by providing extra privacy, improving beauty, and optimizing water usage. Contact a company like Noble Tree Service Inc. to learn more.