Tree Removal Safety Tips If You Go It Alone

If you decide to remove a tree on your property on your own, you need to make sure that you are safe about the tree removal process. Be sure to take the right safety precautions before removing the tree.

Wear Safety Gear to Protect Yourself

First, you need to make sure that you protect yourself. To start with, you are going to want to wear a hard hat. That way, if any branches fall on you, your head will be protected.

You are going to be working with a chainsaw. In addition to flying debris, chainsaws are really loud. You need to wear goggles as well as earplugs. Those flying pieces can hurt other parts of your body as well, so be sure to cover up. You may even want to just invest in a forester chainsaw safety headset if you have to buy a hard hat, goggles, and earplugs. This type of hat includes a full facial mask as well as ear protection all in one.

You are also going to want to have leg protection, as it is one of the places most vulnerable to injury from your chainsaw. There are leg protectors that overlap from your knee down to your boot. You should also wear steel-toe boots.

Figure out the Fall Zone

Next, you need to figure out the fall zone for the tree. Most trees tend to lean one direction or another. Stand far back from the tree and look at how it naturally leans. Look at how the ground slopes and look at the direction where all the weight is at the top of the tree.

The weight at the top of the tree combined with the lean of the tree will tell you where the tree should fall. You should be able to figure out and map the multiple different directions that the tree may fall.

Clear Away Escape Routes Around the Tree

After that, you need to make sure that you have clear escape routes so that when you cut down the tree, you can get out of the way as the tree falls. Make escape routes based on the way that you think the tree is going to fall, as well as ways that you don't think the tree will fall. You want to make sure that nothing stands in your way of getting out of the path of the falling tree. This may require moving around equipment and furniture around your yard, or trimming back trees and bushes so that you have a clear path.

Before you cut down a tree on your property, you need to make sure that you have the right conditions set in place. Make sure that you have an idea of where the tree will fall and clear out the debris around the tree so that you can get away and keep safe when the tree is falling. Be sure to put on the right safety gear as well. If you are not up to the task of felling a tree on your own, remember there are plenty of tree companies you can hire to assist you with this task, such as The Tree Lady Company.