Ways A Tree Removal Service Might Dispose Of Trees They Cut Down

If you have a tree in your yard that you love but it has to be removed to make room for a pool or other property addition, then you might feel better about letting it go if it serves a useful purpose after it's cut down. Sometimes, trees are hauled to the landfill when they're removed, but other times the trees can be recycled and used for various things. Here are some ways a tree might have a useful purpose after it's cut down.

For Use Around Your Home

While you might not want the entire remains of a tree to use around your property, you may want some of it to use for mulch, firewood, or as edging material. Your tree removal service may bring a large chipper to your property to make disposing of the tree easier. These chips can be left at your home as a good source of mulch for your yard and garden. Larger chunks of the tree can be left behind after side branches have been cut off so you can chop it into firewood or small sections of wood to use in your woodworking shop. The size of the tree plays a role in how well you can handle the pieces left behind, but you might be able to cut the tree into logs to use as edging around a plant bed or into circles to use as an attractive walkway.

For Use By The Tree Removal Service

The tree service might sell or give away the mulch they make from the tree as it's cut down. They may also cut up the tree and sell it as firewood. If the tree is in good shape and a desirable species, it might be sold for its lumber. It might even be possible to sell dying trees to a sawmill for making paper products. The options for dealing with trees vary depending on the type of equipment a tree removal service has, local demand for mulch, and the availability of nearby sawmills and other wood processing plants. However, some tree removal services try to recycle the wood when possible, even if it's just for mulch or for woodworking hobbyists to buy.

Some trees still end up in landfills. Even mulch that can't be donated or sold may end up in a landfill eventually. If recycling the tree matters, ask the tree service if they can make mulch or firewood for your own use so the tree will have some usefulness after it's cut down.

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