3 Fast Facts You Should Know About Crepe Myrtle Trees

Landscape design can become overwhelming at times. From establishing a healthy, green lawn to installing shrubs and flowers for color and greenery throughout the year, it is easy to see the challenges of landscaping. Fortunately, planting one or more trees that add color and texture to your yard does not have to be difficult with the crepe myrtle. Here are a few interesting things you should know about this simple, yet elegant, tree. Read More 

Found The Perfect Garden Spot? 3 Reasons To Consider Removing A Nearby Tree

When you want to transform your landscape into something beautiful, you can work with the sun and shade levels in the front and backyard to decide on what plants to grow. You may also want to look at watering to decide whether you want to rely on rain or an irrigation system. But, when you find a spot in your yard that you know will create the perfect garden, you may be willing to make adjustments to the rest of the landscape to avoid any problems. Read More 

Six Common Insect Infestations In Trees You Should Know How To Recognize

If you're trying to keep well maintained trees on your property, you should know how to recognize any imminent problems that could lead to large scale devastation. Insect infestations are by far the most significant cause of tree disease and death. The following are six common insect infestations that you should be aware of and know how to recognize to keep your trees healthy: Mite infestation Mites can infest not only trees, but also many other types of plant. Read More 

Removing an Old or Damaged Tree from Your Yard Safely

If you have an old tree in your yard that is rotted, dead, or has been damaged, you might need to have the tree removed. Cutting the tree down yourself might not be the best option if the tree is close to your house or another building. Hiring a tree service to come and remove the tree may cost a little, but you may be able to get them to grind the stump and remove all the debris from the yard too. Read More 

How to Burn a Tree Stump

If you have a tree stump that you need to get rid of, one way that you can get rid of it is by burning it. Here are step-by-step instructions that you can follow in order to effectively burn an entire tree stump all at once. Drill a Hole into the Center of the Stump The first thing you need to do is take a drill with either a spade bit or a different wood-boring bit; the bit should be on the larger side. Read More