Possible Repairs For Wind Damaged Trees

Storm damage, especially from high winds, can be the end for a tree no matter how healthy it was previously. Major wounds can weaken the tree and leave it open for infection, or a key breakage may make it impossible for nutrients and water to travel along the trunk. The following can help you assess your tree and make repairs just in case it can be saved. Look for Dangerous Breaks Read More 

Getting Rid Of A Standing Dead Wood Tree That Was Termite Infested

Do you have a standing dead wood tree in your yard that was once infected with termites? It might be a good idea to remove the tree if the termite problem was severe and caused a lot of damage to the bark. Make sure that a professional is hired to remove the tree because it can be a difficult task with the right kind of skills and equipment. Explore the article below for helpful information about getting rid of a standing dead wood tree that was infested with termites. Read More